Additional Security

The majority of UK homes can be broken into in less than a minute

Burglars have discovered what the locksmith and hardware industry have known for years. It doesn’t matter how many hook or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the cylinder lock.

Due to inherent weakpoints in the door cylinder lock, having little material to give robust strength and the screw fixing enhancing this weakness, using simple tools, a burglar can “snap” the cylinder and gain access to the door mechanism and open the door.

In as little as 20 seconds, a burglar can gain entry with very little noise.

Cylinder Locks SnappedMajor lock companies and door manufacturers have ignored this issue for many years, due to the relatively low amount of burglaries using this method. However this is now the preferred method of many burglars and in some areas is as many as 1 in 3 forced entry burglaries.

The glut of security cylinders that have flooded the market recently offer little resistance to this method of attack. On flexible materials such as pvc doors, security handles also offer very little resistance. Many manufacturers merely produce product to overcome ineffecient testing standards which mislead the public to believe their product is secure.

We have tested the majority of security cylinders and handles on the market, using very basic methods, and found them severely lacking.

You may ask why you are not aware of this already.

Many authorities wish to keep this as quiet as possible as they do not wish to raise the “Fear of Crime”. With 1 in 3 burglaries in some areas, we believe the public should be made aware in order to take necessary steps to upgrade their security.

Others may also wish to keep this quiet as they make a great deal of money selling perceived secure products.